Transform your body with our TRX Training Center

Are you ready for the total body conditioning workout? Then you’re ready for TRX training. What is TRX Training? TRX uses gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility and more. It literally transforms your body, helps prevent injuries, and increases bone density.

Are you looking to challenge your body like it’s never been challenged before? TRX training is a functional style of training, meaning it uses real-world movements to build muscle and endurance. Rather than sit on a bench and lift weights, our TRX training center is designed to get you moving the way your body is designed to move, all while challenging your body’s muscles.

What can TRX Training do for you?


  • Strengthen your core. Your core is more than just your abs. It’s your glutes, back, chest muscles and more. TRX training targets all these areas
  • Strengthen your stabilizing muscles. If you’re looking to build size, your stabilizing muscles need to be able to carry this extra weight. No bench press will target these muscles … but TRX training will
  • Lose weight. Your heart will race during your TRX workouts. You’ll continue to move while targeting muscles, meaning you’ll burn fat and gain muscle


More information on the T3-Fitness TRX training center

Each of our TRX training classes are 30 minutes in length. We provide all necessary equipment as well as changing rooms, if needed. You just need to come ready to sweat and work hard.

Looking to build the strength and endurance to climb mountains, run marathons and feel your best? Check out our latest TRX training schedule.

*If this is your first time at T3 Fitness you’ll need to fill out a waiver form before class. For your convenience you can download the TRX training waiver form here.


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