At the core of your fitness is Pilates. That’s why fitness Pilates is the foundation of all of T3 Fitness’s programming (in personal training, fitclub & our fitness classes). We believe in:

strong core + flexibility & mobility = function

These are the foundations of your overall health and fitness. By focusing on your core, flexibility and mobility, you allow your body to perform at its peak, meaning you’ll see more results with every workout.


Types of Pilates


We offer several types of Pilates to better meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our fitness Pilates classes include:

Our Barre Pilates classes integrate the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Learn more about our Barre Pilates classes.
Our Pilates Flow classes are for every level, whether you need rehabilitation or looking to further your athletic training. Build core strength, mobility and stability while eliminating lower back pain and muscle imbalances. Learn more about our Pilates Flow classes.
High energy, hard core class … basically Pilates on crack. If you like a fast paced class with tons of energy – and some serious calories burned, this is the class for you. Learn more about our Metabolic Pilates classes.


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