I first came to T3 – Fitness as a guest in January for a Fit Club on one of Sandi’s 90 minute Saturday mornings.  I had already started to lose some weight towards a pretty lofty goal by then, but immediately became a monthly member.  I have been part of Sandi’s 12 week bikini challenge and by consistently doing 2 of the Fit Clubs per week on average I lost another 11 lbs and 15 inches for the 12 weeks.  The diet and exercise plan work when you definitely stick to it.  And – when you fall off, Sandi is right there to get you back on the train.  I have done many diets, workout routines over the years and have never made a lifestyle change.  I believe in Sandi’s results so much, I became an annual member where I signed up for 2 classes per week for a year.  And the best part is if you are busy or don’t make it to one, Sandi is flexible and you can make one up whenever you want.  I have about 14 weeks until my wedding, have lost 30 lbs and am about 10-15 away from my goal.  I am confident that if I stick to the diet plan and up my workouts, I will reach it without any problem.   I highly recommend coming to try out a fit club at anytime to anyone who is trying to lose a little, a lot, or just tone up.  I have biceps for the first time in years!  And – the best part is you don’t have to think about it – each time you come the workout is designed for you and is never the same.  What I learned – you can do ANYTHING for 60 seconds at Fit Club.  Thank you Sandi for making me a believer, motivating me to stay on track, and being there for me when I fall off the wagon.  Let’s face it, everyone wants to cheat once in a while, it is the once in a while combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet and exercise routine that keep it off!  I look forward to continuing to be a member and recruiting whoever I can – you get the best results I have ever gotten.  And at 34, I am in a size I haven’t been in since before I was 25 years old.

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