First of all I want to thank Sandi for giving me “my sexy back”. I feel AWESOME!! I became truly focused on my fitness/health goal January 1st 2009 and have lost 43lbs to date (5/2009). This did not come easily, but with the help of Sandi Vande Berg it became a reality. I have been attending her Pilates class 3 days a week and am a dedicated participant in her 90 minute Saturday morning Fit Club. She has personally trained me in the past as well. At Fit Club she gives me the drive and motivation I never thought was possible and can’t be replicated on my own. When I think I cannot go anymore she is right there by my side to help me through the next rep. Her Pilates class has strengthened my core, toned my body and is bringing my curves back in the right places. I am truly thankful for her extensive knowledge and creativity. In two years I have NEVER had the same workout. Not only does this shock my body but it makes my workout fun. My ultimate goal is in site and I am ready for the challenge. Thank you Sandi for helping me feel beautiful again. **UPDATE: As of 4/2010 a total of 110 lbs lost.**

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