Lindsey recently started attending T3 Fitness this summer and she knew that after she had mentored with the staff and jumped into FitClub, that this was a perfect place for her energy and passion to shine!  She has been a K-6 Physical Education teacher and head coach for Special Olympics for the past five years & has been practicing/promoting healthy, active habits in both her professional and personal career along the way.  Fitness & health have always been a priority for Lindsey and she is positively dedicated to helping others succeed and reach their personal goals.  Whether those goals include enhancing cardiovascular endurance, strength/ flexibility, nutritional planning, or mind/body improvements, Lindsey is here to coach you, challenge you and help YOU succeed!  She thrives off of working strongly with clients, challenging people to allow them to see their full potential, and most importantly, seeing the success & confidence that is built along the way!  Lindsey loves being active in golf, tennis, and softball, & has participated in Zumba, yoga, TRX Training, Kickboxing, strength training and Pilates.  On her time away from training she enjoys biking, running, spending time with friends/family, golfing, and painting/artwork.  Come in to meet Lindsey and allow her to show you how far her enthusiasm and commitment can take you!

NASM-CPT Certified Personal Trainer, Training Edge Fitness Professionals Member , Agency Manager/Head Coach for Waukesha County Special Olympics