Corporate Health and Wellness has never been more important and beneficial. Healthy, active employees cost the corporation fewer insurance claim dollars, greater productivity and overall satisfaction in their job.

Below is an example program we can provide your business (or download the PDF):

Exercise class

  • 45 min to 60 min (variable)
  • offered lunch hour and/or after work
  • styles offered: strength & conditioning (using resistance bands and body weight), Pilates, Core, Cardio.

Presentation and/or Seminar by T3 Fitness

  • 30 min to 45 min based on topic and time allotment
  • handouts given
  • Sample topics:
    • Steps to succeed when starting a Fitness Program
    • Vitamins—what vitamins to focus on for the season
    • Ways to Overcome Burnout

Your Liaison to the Fitness Community – available to collaborate thoughts/ideas to your group bringing insight to what is needed to successfully help employees make positive changes.

Ergonomic Assessments 

  • assess your workstations to offer pain-free function
  • go through a checklist to offer suggestions, as well as determine based on job description best setup

Weekly exercise classes (approx 50)
Monthly Presentations
Ergonomic Assessments- 4 per month
*ala carte service offered at $75 per 30 min consult
*assessments should be scheduled together- time spent 2 hours per month
Liaison (available by phone, email, and person) anytime insight is needed in regards to fitness
INVESTMENT: $500 per month (VALUE of $850/mo)

Twice Weekly exercise class (approx 100)
Quarterly Presentations
Liaison (available by phone, email, person) anytime insight is needed in regards to fitness
INVESTMENT: $800 per month (VALUE of $1,325/mo)


If you are interested in a custom package, please let me know what services and we will come up with a package that is right for your company.

Contact T3 Fitness to schedule your initial consultation and proposal presentation.