Are you doing all the workouts, yet not seeing the results as you expected?

Although the exercise portion is HUGE especially in terms of maintaining your results, you truly are what you eat. Learn how to eat specific to your goals and feed your body for performance!

Nutrition / plan – $150/mo Click here to schedule your appointment

Training for your first 5k, 1/2 Marathon, Triathlon? Whatever your goals, whatever your circumstances- We create the custom plan that works for you

Custom training/ workout plan – $250/mo Single week plan – $75 …prices vary based on your needs. Call for a free consultation

Need to press your RESET button? Recharge your energy? Restart your metabolism? Rejuvenate your body? Are you ready to make a change towards a healthier, happier you?

This is the weekend for you!!! Friday – Sunday, offered semi-annually in spring / fall.

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Keep your employees WELL!

We work with corporations at every level of wellness.

*lunch hour presentations on fitness and/or nutrition

*lunch hour & after work fitness classes (on-site)

*ergonoment assessments for you and your team

Contact Sandi Vande Berg for more details 414.704.8550