Our Pilates Flow classes are relaxed, with most exercises being performed on the mat. The most important thing to know about Pilates Flow is that it is a total mind-body workout. Many people seeking to alleviate lower back pain and improve muscle imbalances find relief and strength through Pilates Flow.

 What to know about our Pilates Flow classes


Pilates Flow will build your core strength, mobility and stability.
Expect a relaxed atmosphere of enthused participants. Most exercises are done on a mat.
Any type of clothing where you feel comfortable will work, including loose clothing. Feel free to wear socks or your bare feet 
We provide all equipment needed, including mats.
Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins. If you are a new client, you’ll need to complete a waiver prior to class. For your convenience, you can download our Pilates Flow waiver form here.
Pilates Flow is beneficial for people of all fitness levels.
Enter T3 from our side door (facing 116th Street). Our classroom is in the lower studio.

The history of Pilates Flow

Pilates Flow, the mind-body workout, was created in the 1920s by physical trainer Joseph Pilates, who originally named his method “Contrology.” He created the Pilates method for the purpose of rehabilitation, but it has evolved over the years to an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness without necessarily building bulk. Pilates Flow methods can adapt, so that exercises can easily be modified in range of difficulty, from beginning to advanced, allowing people of all backgrounds to be able to participate.

Pilates Flow – the T3 difference

At T3 Fitness we gear this class for every level, whether you’re in need of rehabilitation or you’re an elite athlete looking to complement your training. Our program will balance muscle strength and flexibility, increase your core and your posture.


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