MYZONE to track your results at T3 Fitness!

MYZONE is a physical activity monitor that is used to motivate, monitor and track your fitness progress through a personalized online logbook! Just like saving for a home deposit, college fund or retirement, big goals can take a while and fitness is no different. MYZONE helps you break that large goal down into a series of battles and enables you to have daily, weekly and monthly wins all the way through your fitness journey. Seeing progress is very important to the attainment of any goal. T3 Fitness is here to help.

While you train in the studio, you’ll receive instant feedback that will automatically be sent to your online logbook as you finish exercising. While exercising outdoors, your activity will be logged and stored until the next time you return to the club. When you do return to the studios hotspot, your exercise away from the club is then sent to your logbook and will begin logging your next workout. This process is effortless, as the belt sends the data wirelessly, giving you unlimited access to your online progress reports.

What this means to you is that you’ll have the feedback and information needed to ensure you have the motivation to reach the fitness goal you are seeking. Set challenges for yourself or send a challenge to another T3 Fitness member to make it even more fun! Also, listen for upcoming T3 Fitness MYZONE challenges to win great prizes!

Can you see how MYZONE’s instant feedback during and after every workout will help motivate you to reach your fitness goals?

myzone monitoring software

T3 Fitness has TVs that display a tile for each member working out. The tiles show a lot of information.

Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) — 50 – 60% of maximum heart rate: The easiest zone and probably the best zone for people just starting a fitness program. It can also be used as a warm up for more serious walkers. This zone has been shown to help decrease body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol. It also decreases the risk of degenerative diseases and has a low risk of injury.

Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) — 60 – 70% of maximum heart rate: This zone provides the same benefits as the healthy heart zone, but is more intense and burns more total calories.

Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) — 70 – 80% of maximum heart rate: The aerobic zone will improve your cardiovascular and respiratory system AND increase the size and strength of your heart.

Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) — 80 – 90% of maximum heart rate: Benefits of this zone include an improved VO2 maximum (the highest amount of oxygen one can consume during exercise) and thus an improved cardio respiratory system, and a higher lactate tolerance ability which means your endurance will improve and you’ll be able to fight fatigue better.

Red Line (Maximum Effort) — 90 – 100% of maximum heart rate: Although this zone burns the highest number of calories, it is very intense. Most people can only stay in this zone for short periods. You should only train in this zone if you are in very good shape and have been cleared by a physician to do so.

How do I get started?

You can purchase your MYZONE belt at the T3 Fitness studio. Belts are only $149. You can immediately start tracking your workouts. Once you are home, register your belt on and you can watch your progress online, set goals, participate in challenges and email summaries of your workouts.

Talk to your trainer at T3 Fitness for more information or purchase here