Our Metabolic Pilates classes are the creation of T3 Fitness owner Sandi Vande Berg, who created this interval-based workout to help you shed layers of fat and expose the toned and strong body that exists. While you’ll burn plenty of calories during class (try 650 per session), the magic of our Metabolic Pilates classes is that your body will continue to burn fat, even 72 hours later. This is the surefire way to drop pant sizes, and T3 Fitness is the only facility who offers this exact class.

 What to know about our Metabolic Pilates classes


Metabolic Pilates is good for shedding pounds and burning fat, while increasing your core, flexibility, and improving muscle imbalances.
Metabolic Pilates is a fast-paced, challenging and intense class, where everyone has fun.
Comfortable clothing works. Feel free to wear shoes, socks, or bare feet.
We provide gliding discs, Pilates balls, mats, water, bands, and a changing area. Feel free to bring a sweat towel to class if you wish.
Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins. If you are a new client, you’ll need to complete a waiver prior to class. For your convenience, you can download our Metabolic Pilates waiver form here.
Metabolic Pilates is a challenging class, therefore you should be properly conditioned to participate.
Enter T3 from our side door (facing 116th Street). Our classroom is in the lower studio.
If you are pregnant or have any medical condition, you must have a doctor’s approval prior to taking this class. By signing our waiver you agree with our terms.

The history of Metabolic Pilates

You won’t find Metabolic Pilates anywhere else, because it was created by T3 founder Sandi Vande Berg, in 2008. As a master Pilates trainer, she was looking for a way to increase fat burning while simultaneously strengthening the core, flexibility, and improving muscle imbalances. While creating the class, she was amazed at the results of her clients: burning 650 calories per session and dropping pant sizes. It was clear that this program worked.

Metabolic Pilates – the T3 difference

Our patented Pilates program will shed fat off your body, help you lose pant sizes, and increase your cardiovascular capacity. It will also improve hormone levels and strengthen your core.


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