Cold Weather Fitness Gear Must Haves

Outdoor exercise is one of the best ways to stay in shape. During the colder months people tend to move indoors. However, with the right gear you can exercise safely outside in just about any weather conditions.

Gloves – When you’re out in cold weather the first things to begin to feel the temperature are your fingers and your toes. It’s important to protect your hands and fingers from the elements. Wool gloves are excellent for mildly cold temperatures. They wick away moisture and help your hands stay warm and dry. Unfortunately, they’re not great if you run with a digital device. iPhones don’t respond to a fingertip covered in wool.

Fleece is another option for colder days. Fleece is also excellent at protecting your hands from the wind, which is great if you’re riding a bike. If you need to be able to manage a touchscreen device while you work out, look for gloves with what’s commonly called an “e-tip,” or “touchscreen tip.” It’s essentially a glove where you can pull back the fingertip on your index finger or it can be made from a special material that your device recognizes.

Cold Weather Fitness Gear

Tights and/or Warm-up Pants – Men and women can benefit from outdoor exercise tights. They keep your legs warm and protected from the cold temperatures. Warm-up pants are another option if you don’t like clingy clothing. Both tights and warm-up pants can be lined to help keep you extra warm on those colder days.

Hat – It is true that you lose heat through your head and keeping your head warm will help your body maintain a comfortable temperature. Wool hats are again an ideal material because they keep the heat in and the moisture out. Fleece is another excellent option and it washes well, so you can clean your hat after every use.

Base Layer – A base layer is a shirt that you wear under your fitness clothing and outerwear to add extra warmth. A base layer is generally made from a synthetic material and insulates. It’s extremely useful if you’re going to be out of any length of time and if the temperatures are particularly cold. Depending on your activity, you may want to consider a base layer for your bottom half as well.

Finally, consider looking into a scarf or something to cover your mouth on particularly cold days. If you’re breathing heavy and the air is at or below freezing, the cold can hurt your mouth, nose, or lungs. Even something as simple as a bandana can help you stay warmer.

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to hide inside for months on end. What it does mean is that it’s time to make sure your fitness clothing and gear is protective and effective.


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